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How To Get Your Roof Repaired
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Roof Repair TorontoIf you need your roof repaired in Toronto due to wear and tear, wind, animal or any other damage than this may be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

It seems that roof repair contractors in Toronto have a bad reputation.

Your roofing project doesn’t have to become a horror story.

Here’s why!

You need to know enough to make a quality decision about the company you hire to do you roofing project.

What Every Home Owner Ought To Know About
Roof Repair In Toronto

There are certain steps that anyone can take to make sure that they don’t become a victim of roof repair fraud in Toronto.

Here are some of the things you should know;

  • Check for a permanent place of businessRoof Repair Toronto
  • Don’t hesitate to ask a roofing contractor for proof of insurance
  • Check to see if the roofing contractor is properly licensed or bonded
  • Look for a company with a proven track record
  • Insist on a detailed, written proposal
  • Call your local Better Business Bureau to check for possible complaints
  • Choose a company committed to worker safety and education.
  • Keep a healthy skepticism about the lowest bid

Your roof is complicated and if you allow it to go un-maintained it will cause other problems and the cost of a simple repair could end up doubling or tripling. It could get away form you and become a nightmare.

Don’t wait call us now in order to get on our schedule. We guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with our proposal.

Call Now – you certainly don’t want your roof to become a nightmare that could cause other problems and expense.

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Roof Repair TorontoRoof repair in Toronto can keep you and your family safe. There are many repairs your roof may face in the course of its lifetime and Expert Roof Repair Toronto is here to help. We stand out from the other roof repair companies because we have the knowledge, the skill and the integrity to make sure the job gets done and gets done right. We will inspect your roof and let you know exactly what needs to be done to repair it and work within your budget. With our annual and semi-annual inspection service we can help to head off any problems or repair small problems before they become major repair issues costing you thousands of dollars. Our craftsmen have the skills to repair your roof and extend the life of one of your most important investments.

Types of Roofs and Roof Repair in Toronto

Roof Repair Toronto Aspahlt RoofThere are several types of roofs used on modern residential homes today in Toronto. The most common and least expensive type is the asphalt roof.  Asphalt shingles that are made of an organic base or fiberglass are easy to work with and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Asphalt also comes in rolls that are used by rolling the material out during installation. Repairs on an asphalt roof are fairly easy since shingles can be removed and replaced without damaging other parts of the roof and with proper care this type of roof may last up to 40 years.

Two of the other types of roof that are easy to install and repair are tile and slate roofs. These are some of the most attractive choices for a roof on your home since they come in many colors and add excellent protection for your home. In Toronto though tile and slate need to be installed with care and repaired as soon as problems surface because of the extreme cold of the winter in Canada. Moisture in the tiles and slate can freeze and cause the materials to crack. An inspection in the spring is necessary to head off any costly repairs later in the summer when driving wind and rain may expose leaks. A good quality tile or slate roof that is properly maintained can last you up to 100 years.

Metal Roof RepairMetal roofing has come from the barn to the home with today’s attractive choices of color and styles. Metal roofing is very durable and provides protection for your home and family that can last up to 40 years. Metal roofs are either panels or shingles. The beauty of a metal roof is that once it is installed properly it is very low maintenance and roof repair in Toronto metal roofs is very rare. If your metal roof does need repair, the affected shingles or panels are removed and then replaced, soldered and sealed. A rubberized sealant can also be applied to a metal roof to add an extra layer of protection and extend the life of your metal roof.

Wood Shake RoofVery attractive roofing choices are wood and shake shingles although these types of roofs need the most maintenance and are prone to frequent repairs. Moisture can get into the material and cause damage during both the winter and the summer. One way to prevent roof repair on Toronto wood and shake roofs is to keep them free of any debris. Be sure to clean off any leaves, twigs and dirt that may accumulate and trap moisture. In the winter heavy snow needs to be removed so that the extra weight and moisture does not cause damage. Preventative maintenance is your best hedge against roof repair on Toronto wood and shake shingles on your home. If you do need repairs, many times the shingles are removed and replaced fairly easily. A wood or shake roof can last up to 30 years with care.

Common Causes of Roof Repair in Toronto

Causes Roof Repair Toronto

The weather and the affects of the elements are the biggest causes of roof repair in Toronto. Moisture can become trapped under debris, driving rain and snow, sleet, hail and wind are all common causes of repairs. Driving rain and wind can loosen shingles and cause panels to come loose or detach. In the winter heavy snow can cause stress on the roof frame and roofing materials and cause damage. Leaks may form around chimneys and vents. These can be repaired by replacing the flashing and resealing the area.

Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

You can prevent repairs by keeping your roof clean. Expert Roof Repair Toronto offers inspections and cleaning services so that you do not put yourself in danger by trying to climb up on your roof. It takes some skill and practice to navigate a roof, especially if your roof has a steep slope and many homeowners are injured each year from loosing their footing and falling off of the roof or ladder. It is better to let the professionals use their skill and knowledge to inspect and repair your roof safely.

Toronto Roof Repair InspectionYou can inspect your roof from the inside. Simply go up into your attic and look for any light shining in from the outside. This is an indication of leaks. Look for any water spots or water damage in your attic or ceilings of your home. Also look for any condensation forming in your attic; this is a sign of inadequate insulation and venting of your attic area. If you see any indication of leakage or damage, do not hesitate to call us. The quicker you get us out to your home to execute roof repair on your Toronto home the cheaper it will be. Do not let a small problem become a costly one that can not only cause major damage to your roof, but to your home as well. Many times if your roof is damaged during a storm your homeowner’s insurance will pay a portion of the costs or reimburse you for a percentage of the costs involved in the roof repair in Toronto.

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    Logik Roofing is by far the most professional Group that I found after interviewing dozens of Toronto roofing contractors. They completed the entire the job in only 5 hrs. They are extremely professional, fast and reliable, and their pricing was totally affordable, without the sacrifice in quality workmanship.

    I will only recommend Logik Roofing when someone needs their roof repaired!

    Thanks Logik!

    P. Phypers

    Customer relation skills were extraordinary... very professional company... would refer to anyone.

    Ajax, ON

    Logik Roofing exceeded our expectations and is a great company. I would recommend their services.

    Mike & lorie
    Pickering, ON

    Logik roofing help our family. We had a leak and it was a Sunday. When I called, it had been raining and I could see damage inside my home. They were all booked for the next days to come, but they sent out a worker that day because of the emergency I was in. I really appreciate their urgency with my situation and am happy that the roof is still doing great.

    Mississauga, ON

    I was referred by friends that have used Logik roofing. They were exceptionally helpful with color choices... and I used the printable coupon off there website.

    Whitby, ON

    Thanks Logik loved the work and the workers were very nice

    Great job

    Yvonne H.
    Toronto, ON