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It’s true, when your roof is in good shape and it gets damaged, the roof repair can be simple, quick and easy.

Did you know that there are many factors that can affect the performance of your roof?  Things like, Sun, Rain, Wind, Snow and Ice – to name a few – can affect how your roof protects your home from the elements.

Roof Repair

Why?  Because when the Sun beats down on your roof the heat and ultraviolet rays cause deterioration.  Now bring in moisture, rain, snow or ice and you increase the speed of that deterioration by a factor of 11.

The reason being is that continued wet and dry, over time, will cause the structure of your roof to become brittle, crack and disintegrate.

Have you ever seen a piece of wood that hasn’t been protected after it’s been in the elements for some time?  You probably have and you’ve probably noticed that after years in the elements the wood turns gray in color.  It didn’t start off that way, when it was new it was a nice yellow color and slowly turned brown then gray – becoming brittle and cracking.

Or, have you ever dried your hair with a blow dryer day after day?  Similarly, your hair after repeated blow-drying, will become hard and brittle.  You probably condition it though to help protect it.

Roof Repair

You roof is no different, although you can’t condition it, but you can maintain it.  And you must maintain your roof in order for it to provide continued protection for you and your family.

Most roofing products are designed to last about twenty years before becoming unserviceable.  Some may last longer and others maybe not as long.  Very few are designed to last a lifetime.

You want to be sure and have your roofing system inspected periodically to make sure that there is still life in your roof and to make sure that there are no problems.

Roof Repair

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while, or you don’t remember the last time it was inspected then, you should have a professional roof inspection scheduled right away.

Call us – we’ll be glad to visit with you and talk about our passion – roofs and roof repair.

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